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Its quite interesting to see the nature disasters.. But Tsunami is very Dangerous than Earth Quake..
Tsunami the Word is popular in Japan is now well known through out the World..
Especially in India..

Tsunami Disasters are no joke. They are the cause of thousands of deaths across the globe. That is a reason why this site exists, to show you the true strength of a tsunami and the dangers.

A tsunami is an ocean wave produced by a sub-marine earthquake, landslide, or volcanic eruption. It is when a fault accurse creates a speed reduction with overlapping primary waves. A tsunami poses danger to all land near the area of the disaster. Just like earth quakes, not all tsunamis are large enough to cause harm, or even be felt.

Tsunami Matters

Tsunami Matters

Tsunami’s are extremely dangerous and have caused thousands of deaths every year.


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  1. Cognitive says:


    Thanks for the excellent share. now a days we do have some predicted machine to control the tsunami but last month too one of the country suffered.

    At least we should understand the concept of tsunami which is not for prediction, it may helps to control the part.

    Like lot of concepts are hidden like tsunami..still, no one can find out the concept of Bermuda Triangle..Hope, Bala can give some solution.

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