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June 21st, 2013

Here you can the guidelines for your car tyre..
1. Carry out a tyre pressure check at least once per month, prior to all trips and when you vary the vehicle’s usual load.
2. Tyres must be cold when you carry out the check – preferably when they’ve driven under two miles
3. Get the right pressure reading from your vehicle manual, driver’s door ledge, petrol cap or using the online search above.
4. Change the pressures as shown in your vehicle’s manual when the vehicle is fully loaded
(for instance, when you load your car up for family holidays).
5. Use a dependable gauge to measure your pressure.
6. Remember to examine all of your tyres not forgetting the spare one!
7. Don’t forget to check any towed vehicles, e.g. trailer/caravan/horsebox
8. During your pressure check, give your tyre a visual check for tread wear or problems like slashes/cuts/bulges.
9. Pressure decreases more rapidly in warmer weather, so make sure you check tyres frequently in summer time.
10. If uncertain, talk to qualified staff at your local National Tyres and Autocare.