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Best integrated graphics: which to choose?

October 14th, 2010

AMD, Intel or Nvidia integrated graphics that’s best for you…

AMD’s quickest integrated chipset is the 890GX


AMD is just putting the finishing touching touches on its own fusion processors. But for now, AMD platforms based on Athlon and Phenom processors keep the graphics functions separate from the CPU. That means you can mix and match the processor and integrated graphics core.

Essentially, you choice boils down to motherboard chipsets with integrated graphics from AMD itself or Nvidia. AMD’s latest and greatest integrated chipset is the 890GX. In truth, the integrated core is essentially carried over from AMD’s previous 7-series chipset.

INTEL: The chip giant has fused its HD Graphics with the latest Core i3 and Core i5 CPUs

What about the future?

Integrated graphics is currently at a tipping point. Both AMD and Intel are currently cooking up new fusion processors that will offer much more powerful integrated graphics cores. Rumour has it AMD’s upcoming Llano fusion chip might have 400 stream processors. That’s 10 times more than its current integrated offering.