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Google+ Vs FaceBook Features – Boost your social networking experience

September 17th, 2011


Google+ Photo Importer for iPhone

If you store your photos on multiple sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Photobucket, there’s a new download available in the Apple App Store that lets you upload 100 photos in less than a minute to your Google+ account. This tool is especially handy if you plan on shifting your social networking focus to Google+.
The Google Plus Photo Importer by Dropico costs 99 cents, and while uploads I tested generally took longer than the advertised 60 seconds, it was still impressively fast.

Find People on Google+
Looking for more connections on Google+? While its own search feature only lets you find people by name, you can dig a bit deeper to find groups of people with certain characteristics at FindPeopleOnPlus.
Here, you can not only search for people by name, but you can also search by profession, location, relationship status, gender, education, employer, occupation and more, which makes growing your network and tailoring it to your needs a lot easier.
You can also choose to add yourself to its directory. This will keep your FindPeopleOnPlus profile updated and in-synch with your Google+ profile.

Akin to, a site that measures your social media influence, PlusClout measures the influence a user has on Google+ and rates it from 0 to 100.
When you visit the site, PlusClout will ask you to insert your Google+ ID in order to generate your score. Your ID is the string of numbers that appear in the URL of your profile page.
PlusClout says that while its formula is still evolving, right now it calculates your number based on 15 million public Google+ profiles and items shared, such as posts, comments, +1s, the number of followers you have and the frequency and volume of information sharing.
You can also browse people with the highest PlusClout in categories such as bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs and the most-followed users on Google+. Click on any of these names and you will see their current PlusClout score, a graph of their score over the last five days, and websites associated with that person.

Google Translate for Google+
If you want to connect with people from around the world but find that language is a barrier, this is a must-download Google Chrome extension.
Google Translate for Google+ is a powerful tool that inserts a button into your Google+ streams, letting you quickly interpret a chunk of foreign text.
Currently, this extension will translate more than 30 languages, including German, French, Polish, Italian and Spanish




Facebook’s new friends lists

Smart Lists group some of your friends automatically
If you choose to partake in Smart Lists, Facebook will generate four separate lists for you: work, school, family and city. Facebook puts people into these lists based on information they have in their profile. For example, if you list Harvard University as your alma mater, and so do 25 of your Facebook friends, they will be grouped under “school.” The same goes for family members, work colleagues and people who live near you.

These four lists will be updated automatically, so there is little or no maintenance – a big improvement from before. You can also add or remove friends manually to make the list more accurate.

Two additional lists let you separate best friends from acquaintances
While Facebook is touting its Smart Lists as its main attraction, it’s also rolling out two lists that you curate on your own to distinguish close friends from people you don’t know well.

By including people in your Close Friends list, you can sort your News Feed for only their posts, as well as choose to receive notifications when they post updates, so you don’t miss anything.

Facebook recommends adding people such as old classmates and business contacts to the “Acquaintances” list. By doing so, you’ll see fewer updates from them in your News Feed. You will, however, see updates when they post something important, Facebook says, such as when they get married or move to a new city, so you can remain in touch.

“Restricted” list limits visibility to people such as your boss
A lot of people panic when they receive an email saying your boss has friended you on Facebook. Instead of keeping their request to connect in limbo, you can now add them to a “Restricted” list.

People you include on this list will only see your public posts, which means it’s important to use the “View Profile As” feature to ensure what you think is private, actually is. You’ll still be able to send them messages or tag them in a picture or post if you want to.

Lists you already created are still valid
If you took the time to create and maintain lists before the new Lists launch (such as a Limited Profile list) you can still use them to restrict access to pictures you post, status updates, notes, etc.

Understand List privacy
Say you post a status update to your Acquaintances list. No one you put on that list will be able to see the name of the list. They will, however, be able to see each others’ names.

The reason for this is to “give them more context.” According to Facebook, if you see that a post is shared with your five closest friends, you’re more likely to comment freely on it than you would if you didn’t know who else could see the post.